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Women Writers in Cuba 1975-1994. A Bibliographical Note

Resumen: The purpose of the following bibliography is to dispel the myth that few women writers are publishing in Cuba and to provide information which is sadly lacking in major bibliographical sources. In many ways this list continues the seminal work of Margaret Randall (1982), and should be read as a supplement to more general reference works. David William Foster (1985) mentions only three twentieth-century women writers (Lydia Cabrera, Dulce Maria Loynaz and Dora Alonso) and Julio Martihez (1990) mentions about a dozen, although only five of these continued publishing their work in post-revolutionary Cuba (Mirta Aguirre, Dora Alsonso, Fina Garcia Marruz, Georgina Herrera, and Belkis Cuza Male). JoseB. Fernandez (1983) deals only with diasporic writing 'including the names of authors not born in Cuba, but who have been regarded as Cubans throughout their literary career' (15) and Daniel Maratos (1986) for some reason only includes books published outside Cuba since 1959, thus excluding the work of The many women writers exiled (under Machado and Batista) before 1959 who later returned to Cuba.

Como citar: Davies, C. (1995).

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