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The Franco regime's influence on Cuba  1959-75
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The Franco regime's influence on Cuba  1959-75

Resumen: During the Cold War, due to Spain's involvement in the Western Bloc Franco had to adopt a pro-American policy and maintain an Executive Agreement from 1953 with the US to justify and legitimise his regime at home and abroad. However, Franco's policy towards Latin America in the 1950s was not based on anti-Communism but on countering the Anglo-Saxon sphere of influence through Catholicism and the ideology of 'Hispanidad'. As for Cuba, following the 1959 Revolution led by Castro, the Franco regime maintained a diplomatic relationship in spite of the difference in ideologies. Thanks to Spain's economic development in the 1960s, Franco's regime intended to gradually modify the disadvantageous Agreement and tried to extend its influence in Latin America.

Año: 2010

Como citar: Hosoda, H. (2010).

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