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Review: A Question of Methodology: Review Essay on Recent Literature on Cuba
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Review: A Question of Methodology: Review Essay on Recent Literature on Cuba

Resumen: Reviewed Works: Marriage, Class and Colour in Nineteenth-Century Cuba. A Study of Racial Attitudes and Sexual Values in a Slave Society. by Verena Martínez-Alier; Política y color en Cuba: La Guerrita de 1912. by Rafael Fermoselle; Anaforuana: ritual y símbulos de la iniciación en la sociedad secreta Abakuá. by Lydia Cabrera; The Chinese in Cuba, 1847-1947. by Duvon Clough Corbitt; Roosevelt and Batista, Good Neighbor Diplomacy in Cuba, 1933-1945. by Irwin F. Gellman; Revolutionary Struggle, 1947-1958. Volume 1 of the Selected Works of Fidel Castro. by Rolando E. Bonachea, Nelson Valdes; The Cuban Insurrection, 1952-1959. by Ramón L. Bonachea, Marta San Martín; Fidel Castro's Personal Revolution in Cuba: 1959-1973. by James Nelson Goodsell; The Rise and Decline of Fidel Castro. An Essay in Contemporary History. by Maurice Halperin; Man and Socialism in Cuba: The Great Debate. by Bertram Silverman; The Theory of Moral Incentives in Cuba. by Roberto M. Bernardo, Irving Louis Horowitz; The Economic Development of Revolutionary Cuba: Strategy and Performance. by Archibald R.M. Ritter; Children Are the Revolution: Day Care in Cuba. by Marvin Leiner; Cuba under Castro: The Limits of Charisma. by Edward Gonzalez; Cuba in the 1970s: Pragmatism and Institutionalization. by Carmelo Mesa-Lago; Give Us This Day. The Inside Story of the CIA and the Bay of Pigs Invasion... by One of Its Key Organizers. by Howard Hunt.

Año: 1978

Como citar: Maingot, A. (1978).

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