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Literary culture in Cuba: Revolution, nation-building and the book

Resumen: Most studies of the Cuban Revolution since the mid-1960s (when its emerging shape began to allow the first serious considerations of the transformation (Seers, 1964; Fagen, 1969; Huberman and Sweezy, 1968; O’Connor, 1971), as opposed to polemical responses, either for (Frank, 1961; Sartre, 1961; Mills, 1960) or against (Pflaum, 1961; Weyl, 1961), have tended to focus on the political, economic or social patterns of the process of change. As a result, apart from the periodic collections of essays that offer a broad ‘compendium’ of the Revolution’s many dimensions (Mesa-Lago, 1971; Bonachea and Valdés, 1972; Suchlicki, 1972; Halebsky and Kirk, 1985;...

Año: 2012

Como citar: Kumaraswami, P. (2012).