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Cubans in the United States
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Cubans in the United States

Resumen: Although the bulk of the Cuban-origin population immigrated within the past 25 years, the Cuban presence in this country has a long history. In the nineteenth century, important Cuban communities existed in Tampa, Key West, and New York. The post-1959 Cuban immigrants have concentrated in the Miami area. In comparison with other major U. S. Hispanic groups, the sociodemographic profile of the Cubans is fairly unique: a large proportion of middle-aged and elderly persons, a female majority, low fertility, and relatively high socioeconomic status. The latter has been explained by a combination of factors: (1) the socioeconomic selectivity of postrevolutionary Cuban emigration; (2) high rates of female labor force participation; and (3) the presence of a strong ethnic enclave. While strong forces have favored retention of Cuban cultural traits, there are intergenerational differences in the degree of acculturation to U. S. society.

Año: 1986

Como citar: Pérez, L. (1986).

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