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Black and Cuba: An Interview with Filmmaker Robin J. Hayes. En: Migrating the Black Body: The African Diaspora and Visual Culture

Resumen: In Against Race, Paul Gilroy asks, “What forms of belonging have been nurtured by visual cultures?”¹ Gilroy’s work in particular has been enormously influential as a model which understands diaspora as a set of transnational connections “rooted” in conceptualizations of common racialized experiences and “routed” through a set of “cultural and political resources black people” draw upon in their struggles against various and divergent forms of oppression. Diaspora then is an “imagined community” that must be forged, constantly made and remade; diaspora not as a priori essence but diaspora as labor and practice. “Through such practices,” Jacqueline Nassy Brown observes,...

Año: 2017

Como citar: Hayes, R., & Roth, J. (2017).