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Análisis de la cultura periodística Cubana a partir de la perspectiva decolonial: Aportes a un periodismo-otro desde y para América Latina

Resumen: The Eurocentric character of communication and journalism in Latin America is a palpable phenomenon based on Western thought, academic and scientific models. Hence, as part of the decolonial criticism, the paradigm journalism-other is presented as the possibility of 'decolonising' the journalistic profession of those exogenous and westernising paradigms. In this scenario, the study of the journalistic culture of Cuba leads us to build professional logics that differ from those of the rest of the continent from the imaginary and common senses installed in the communities of journalism professionals in the country as opposed to the perspective of the North/westernised. Even so, the ideological regulation of the media determines the empowerment of journalists, as functioning agents, and at the same, mediating agents between PCC-State and citizens.

Año: 2019

Como citar: Oller, M., Tornay, M. & Olivera, D. (2019).