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A changing Cuba in a changing world
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A changing Cuba in a changing world

Resumen: This volume is a collaborative effort in which each chapter and respective authors' research Jand analysis furthers the study of a diverse array of issues in a current Cuba. A large number of organizations and individuals need to be thanked for thier support of the Changing Cuba/Changing World conference and this volume. The long list would need to start with the faculty and students at the City University of New York in the organizing committee, the conference participants and the contributing authors featured in this volume, and the Bildner Center and Cuba Project staff. The list of organizers includes Jerry Carlson, Raquel Chang- Rodriguez, Margaret Crahan, llan Ehrlich, Sujathat Fernandes, Ted Henken, Ana Maria Hernandez, Kathy Lopez, Alfonso Quiroz, Carlos Riobo, Araceli Tinajero. Araceli Tinajero and Ted Henken worked with me in the conference executive committee.

Año: 2009

Como citar: Font, M. et al. (2009).

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