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The Cuban Sugar Economy and the Great Depression

Resumen: By 1925, Cuban sugar production had expanded to more than five million tons and comprised more than one-fifth of annual world cane- and beet-sugar production combined. World production had itself increased by one-third between 1920 and 1925, however, and sugar export prices in the latter year were at their lowest levels since 1914. In this 'crisis of overproduction', Cuban nationalists foresaw the ruin of the smaller-scale agricultural and industrial sector of the sugar economy in which Cuban interests were concentrated. The strongest candidates for survival in any protracted crisis of profitability were judged to be the more modern, large-scale agro-industrial sugar complexes in US ownership or ccntrol. The most pessimistic of Cuban forecasts under-estimated the drastic fails in production and prices that would accompany the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Año: 1984

Como citar: Pollitt, B. (1984). 

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