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Cuba Today Continuity and Change since the "Periodo Especial"
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Cuba Today Continuity and Change since the "Periodo Especial"

Resumen: Civil society is the new buzzword of the eighties and nineties, and given its theoretical primacy in explaining transitions to democracy across Asia, Europe, and Latin America in both academia and political life, not surpris- ingly it has come to dominate discussions about politics, citizenship, partici- pation, and transition in Cuba as well. People from opposed ends of the political spectrum use the term – from an article in the notoriously anti-Cas- tro Miami Herald titled, “In solidarity with Cuba’s civil society,” to a Marxist website that emphatically proclaims, “Civil Society in Cuba? Indeed, and Socialist!” Clearly these articles have divergent notions of what they mean by civil society. Like the older debates about democracy in Cuba, where both anti-Castro exiles in Miami and supporters of the revolution would claim that they were promoting democracy, the concept of civil society has come to be appropriated in different ways by actors with distinct political agendas.

Año: 2004

Como citar: Font, M. et al. (2004).

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